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Increase your leg flexibility, learn fundamental tricks & master your motivation.

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49+ HD Videos to take you physically and mentally to the next level

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INVX 30-Day Kick Starter Challenge

What you will get:

  • A structured 4-week martial arts foundation program with 4 highly effective workouts per week to begin mastering your body and mind
  • Highest quality HD video lessons that will motivate you, challenge you, and help you reach your maximum potential
  • Proven workout system designed to build your power, accuracy, control, and speed
  • Huge variety of new skill trainings, workouts, regular challenges, and weekly mindset trainings revealed throughout the program so you never get bored
  • Technique videos with step-by-step progressions so you learn flawless technique and excellent form
  • Learn martial arts skills such as the Butterfly Kick, the Pop 360 Kick, the Triple Roundhouse Kick, plus impressive combos
  • Highly effective workout routines designed to increase flexibility, build explosive strength, improve overall fitness levels, and unlock your skill potential
  • Track your progress every day with your personal progress dashboard and printable workout tracking sheets
  • Stay motivated and get supported every step of the way by the Invincible Worldwide INVX Community
  • Train anytime, anywhere, and on any device to make working out convenient
  • BONUS #1: Get inspiration and advice from highly-experienced INVX experts
  • BONUS #2: New Mindset Training videos every week to learn the secrets of self-mastery and achieve optimum focus
  • BONUS #3: 30-day money back guarantee - no questions asked, no hard feelings, no hassle

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Frequently Asked Questions

When you are purchasing the INVX Program you will sign up with a username and password. This is your login for accessing all the content on whatever device you like, whenever and wherever you are. Then just follow the program - Week 1, Workout 1 - let's train! Meanwhile, the platform will track your progress so you always know where you left off. Each week you will find 4 workouts and every one consists of high quality and straight to the point video lessons, so you can see and hear what you have to do. There will be high-intensity routines and new skill training sessions every day, so you stay motivated throughout the whole program. So there's nothing you can do wrong after signing up. Just enjoy the guidance through the workouts and train!
There is no subscription or hidden fees when purchasing the INVX 4 Week Pre-Program. You only pay once when you sign up and get 6 weeks access to the INVX online platform. Think of it as a hardcore boot camp, where everyone starts together and you will have guaranteed results. If there was no time limit, you would be likely to keep the “I’ll start next week” attitude and we want to avoid that! Before the end of the 6 week period, we will send you a reminder that your access is ending, and if you’d like to keep working out with the INVX platform, training videos, etc. you will have the opportunity to get a new access for a great members-only deal. So just get started and don't miss out!
The program is created to bring you to the next level… No matter what your martial arts experience might be. No matter what your fitness level is. No matter who you are. Workouts demonstrate the basic performance of a move better suited to beginners, plus progressions for people who are more advanced. The skill trainings start with the basics and bring you step by step towards the more advanced moves. If you’re a complete beginner, this pre-program will give you the perfect foundation.
There is no special equipment required! All you need is an exercise mat and plenty of space, whether that’s in the gym, at home, or outside.